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Wheel Alignment Wellingborough

Get your car back on the straight and narrow with our specialist wheel alignment services

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Have you noticed that your tyres are wearing more on one edge than the other? Maybe your car pulls to one side? Or maybe your steering wheel just isn't straight?

These are all possible symptoms of a misalignment problem, and could even lead to your tyres needing to be changed more regular, or even your fuel bills will be increased.Misalignment can occur quite easily. Hitting a kerb, driving through a pot-hole and general day to day wear and tear can cause issues.

The Benefits or Properly Aligned Wheels
  • Reduced Tyre Wear
  • Better Fueld Economy
  • Improved Handling
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We offer a Free Wheel Alignment Check to put your mind at ease. Just pop along or call for details.

Our workshop is equipped with the award winning Hunter Alignment System - the Hunter Elite TD. Widely recognised across the world as the leading alignment equipment, Hunter aligners are accurate, reliable and fast. What's more, our team have been trained directly by Hunter's representatives to the highest standards to ensure your car is given the best standards of care and attention available.

Using real-time imaging cameras we measure all 14 primary angles on your car and automatically compare these against the latest technical specifications available from the vehicle manufacturer. We then provide you with a colour printout to explain any alignment issues we find, if any work is required we will discuss this with you and quote prior to any work taking place. Upon completion, we will provide you with a second alignment printout, proof of a job well done.

Book Your Wheel Alignment Now

You can book your wheel alignment appointment using our online booking system, meaning that you can book wherever and whenever is convenient, for a time and date that is also convenient for you!

Select Book Now and then enter your car registration into the box field above, confirm your car's details then follow the instructions on the screen. You will be given the choice of dates and times you are available to bring your car in for wheel alignment. Upon confirmation of your booking, you will be sent an email containing the details of your booking for your records.

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